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elu router 3338 ( need help please)

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Armature has gone bad on my Elu router 3338 The armature is no longer available. So I wish to rewind the armature. I need to know the number of windings in a coil. The windings on the armature were too disintegrated to get a count. I tried contacting DeWalt at no avail. Someone makes that armature and Elu I believe is in Switzerland. It cannot be such a big sercret . How about you guys, can you help in someway ?? It is a nice router and I would hate to trash it for lack of part.

Needed to replace the armature on my Elu Plunge router model 3338. The armature is no longer available so I had it rewound by Eurtron
at a cost of $165.00. I need to know how to wire it up . Normally I could do it but this one has electronic circuitry. I have the instruction manual but it does not show the wiring. For example. what kind of switch is it, it looks to me like a double pole single throw.
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this model or can can give me some info ??
Cannot get any help from DeWalt and that sucks.
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