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End tables

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Well, I’ve finished these two end tables as my Christmas present for my daughter-in-law and she will be quite surprised.
Our family will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow so these are just in time.
This was my first mortise and tenon project and I’ll say it was a challenge. I learned how to sharpen and use chisels as well as a jack plane. I enjoyed I all thought it was a long slog. Worth it because in the end it worked out.

There are no pulls or knobs on the drawers because I want her to pick them out.


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Great job, Bryan! She ought to just love those.

Very nice. What is the accent wood on the legs - maple? holly?
Absolutely gorgeous. You never cease to amaze with your skills Bryan
Philba, it’s maple.
Good show Bryan!!
The maple accents are just the right touch to set the tables off!!

Very nicely done Bryan!
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You did a great job on those Bryan, You never cease to amaze me , I love the walnut grain and the way you showcased it to stand out like you did.

These are beautiful. Great job.

You've made some family heirlooms indeed. The choice of wood, direction of grain,and the accent maple make these standout pieces. And the fluting adds a touch of elegance to the design. If these don't make her feel very special I'd be surprised.
Very nice job Bryan, they look store bought only nicer.

I love the flutes accenting the tops of the tapered legs. Beautiful work x2!
Looks real nice Bryan. I agree with Phil the Maple accent really sets it off
WOW...! ! ! Absolutely beautiful...
Like they all said, Wow, gorgeous, super, and all the other atta-boys
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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