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Enjoying Router Workshop online

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It is soooo good to be able to watch the Router Workshop on The Woodworking Channel. My grandson was about 4 years old when i first saw the program. My grandson was realy happy to see it again. Hunter is now ten years old, and has talked me into fireing up the router and making some box joints. We did that when He was four. As.we were watching the show, I reminded him of the floppy disc box that we created together, and it didn't take long to jog his memory. He has lived with us after He was four, and lost his father to leukemia. It's sure a blessing to find things that we both like, and be able to spend some quality time together. Again thanks :cool:
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Thanks Dutchman, This post makes all the effort in making the Router Workshop worthwhile. It is these kind of stories that mean the most to Dad and I, thanks again for posting and I look forward to seeing more posts from you and your grandson. Maybe some pictures of the projects you build together. Regards, Rick
Dutchman, glad to hear you and your grandson share a joy of woodworking. Keep up the good work.
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