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The comm is probably in bad shape, if it's not more serious like open windings or shorted lands. I'm not an expert but on drills I have sanded the commutator. Inspect it and I think you'll find it is damaged (excessive sparking causes damage). You have to be careful not to damage the wires attached to the segments. I've used a woman's emory board because it's fine and flat. Particles removed can go between the landings and could be conductive. A toothbrush and/or air might help. Hold the emory against it and turn it. Routers run way more quickly than drills etc, not sure if this might be too crude of a fix for them but it worked several times for me on slower motors. You only need to clean where the brushes ride.
Brushes and especially brushes when they are new do not have the same radius as the armature and this will cause light sparking. You can take some fine sandpaper and a dowel to widen out the radius of the brushes. Or. Just wait for it to quit on it's own.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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