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Hello, I’ve tried everything to get my router bit out of the collet but it won’t come out. I’m in desperate need of a new collet nut part except I can’t find any spare part for this brand. It’s a erbaurer er 2100, requires 1/2mm shank. If someone could help me find somewhere where I could purchase would I would gravely appreciate that
Thanks xav
Erbaurer er 2100 is probably a Ryobi rebranded Erbaurer by Kingfisher International Products Limited
Measure the diameter of the shaft. If it is 20mm, you should be able to use a Ryobi Collet nut and collet. Camera lens Camera accessory Lens Digital camera Cameras & optics

I got this pic from Aliexpress search for Ryobi collet.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts