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Evenly spaced pockets

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I was busy these last days and now have more questions! LOL

I use Vcarve Pro 9.5. I'm sure it's in there but I could not find it. :frown: I have a design where I am making 6 circular pockets and need them 3/4" apart from each other in a straight line. Is there a fast way to have the program auto space them for me? At the bottom of the drawing tab it looks like what I need but it would not let me enter any values. Unless I'm missing something else.
I'll be making similar designs soon and hope I can do it because manually doing it to get it just right is very time consuming!
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Use the Array tool (bottom row, second icon from the left) to space the pockets. Draw one vector circle, select it, and then go to the Array tool. In the array dialog box, put .75" for the gap between circles, and 6 for the number of columns. (I only show 5 in my sample because the material setting wasn't long enough.) Click "Copy" and you're done. Easy peasy.


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Thank you!!! I tried that but I had already made my circles! :surprise: This makes more sense now and thanks a lot for the screen shots. I knew there had to be a way to make it faster.
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