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I work for a school who have decided they want to sell a Boxford CNC router that's been in storage for a couple of years, There's no software, cables, bits or clamps with the machine and nobody is very sure if the machine still functions. they want me to organise selling it but I wouldn't mind purchasing it as a base to modify possibly into a mach3 machine. Problem is nobody really knows how much the machine is worth, it's in somewhat rough condition and as mentioned above there's no way for us to test the machine as it's missing the serial cable and the software.

How much would any of you value a potentially broken A3 HSR in rough condition?
I would recommend you first check with - (they are still in business) whether you can get the manual and software for this specific model.
Serial cable Interface means you cannot use MACH3.
Someone had wanted to sell 2 used in UK for £3000 each (without software license)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts