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First welcome. Old machines in general go for less than half the normal selling price. But machines in bad shape, parts missing, no software or cables, and sight unseen, it's little more than scrap. I wouldn't even consider buying it until I'd checked to see if it will run with new software and new cables. I wouldn't pay much of anything for it, and if I were certain it could be resurrected, maybe $200. I'm basing this on a quick peek at Boxford's website.

It would also be nice to know the maximum size. Looks like their machines have very small work sizes, and the space is in an enclosure. It would be good to add a picture in case it's a regular, flat bed CNC, which might have a somewhat higher value.

Where I live, there is a guy who runs a company that makes certified aircraft parts and covers, cowlings, in plastic. He is always looking for used machines he can revive. so you should consider listing it in a journal with used industrial tools for sale.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts