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Exciting Table Saw News

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Okay boys, heres the deal: bought blade guard and blade stabilizers from my pals at Rockler. Today was installation time. Blade Guard no fit my saw properly (JET 10W etc.) so had to sorta coble it up. Took blade out. Now comes the fun part! The stabilizers were PRECISELY 5/8's -I guess-because I had one helluva time getting them down the shaft to place them on each side of the blade. A five minute job stretched into an hour, maybe longer. Then I discovered that I had to re-cut my zero-clearence inserts because the blade had been moved just a teensy weensy (old Swedish carpenter term) to the side. Now total time is at least ninety minutes, for a five minute job.
Be warned.
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Birchwood, welcome to the world of 5 minute cures. Just imagine a place where everything was actually made to the same standard! The one thing that is not common among tool manufacturers seems to be common sense. To my way of thinking a manufacturer should build the best product they can and leave it at that. Introducing lower priced models with fewer features results in dissatisfaction with a product line. It would be far cheaper to produce one product and do it right. One thing is for certain, prices would drop. We can only hope.
The worst of this is the stablizers are virtually worthless on a good, std 1/8" blade.
The blade's accuracy will be all you need.
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