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Extreme birdhouse # 16 (new)

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Hi everyone, here is but another extreme birdhouse i am working on now.
it is made from 120 yr old barn wood that i pulled off my fire pit.
it is over 5 ft high and 5 1/2 ft wide and has over 90 apartments. the roof will be done in steel with wood dormers. :D i have spent 4 days on it so far.


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I'm speechless, other than that is just spectacular.
Supreme Forum King and Birdhouse Designer Extrodinaire
I still think he is building these huge, extravagant, roomy birdhouses to feed those 20 something cats.

the "Doctor"
Thank you guys. :D my cats like to try out the new houses first. :sold:
Wow.... another amazing creation, very well done!
Thank you Mark
somewhere there has to be one huge pile of sawdust !!!!!!!!
Thank you Steveo.
your right ,it does make a ton of saw dust.
thanks again
Hi again everyone .
here are a few more pictures.
i finally got all the insides done and the roof all framed up. it is ready for the steel.
i will post a few pics when it's done. :sold:


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Once again, very impressive - question:
Do you know how much they end up weighing and how many people does it take to move them around? That's gotta be a project in itself!
It's amazing how much like that building photo it looks! YDM!
Thanks Gil. i am guessing this one weighs about 200- 220 lbs. 2 guys can pick it up and carry it. i know i,m good for my half.
Your birdhouses are just the most amazing ones I've ever seen. I've spent lots of time looking at them, but like boxer, I'm usually speechless when I get done. Just wanted to say I was talking about your birdhouses over the weekend and wanted to compliment you on them.
Thank you very much Sandy.
i think i might have to build a cat house next. :rolleyes:

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CATS, I thought those were your building inspectors and it looks like they approve of your Beautiful creations.
Thanks Randy.

Nice job :)

Cats are checking out the new dinner spot and the best spot to hide out for a good take out snack.
Now I see why you make so many birdhouses, it's to feed the live stock. :) :)
KFC will open soon kitty kitty kitty...
All kidding aside ,NICE job John

Bj :)
Thanks Bob
i will post a finished picture in a few days :sold:
Hi again
here are a few more pictures. it is almost complete. just needs a few small details

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Thanks NEAT John, crack me up hahahahahaha
The black cat is looking for dinner... hahahahahaha :)

I did show this to my grand kids and now they want one , forget that, I don't have the drive like you to make a birdhouse that every bird in Aspen could live in at one time..I like the paint job :) it looks like a CAT house,get it. :)
Plus the detail on the porch post,I'm sure the birds will like it also. :)

All kidding aside NICE JOB :) John

Bj :)
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