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As I write this post I have the link to this video (which I found independently of @Flipsaw). I was about to start a new thread seeking opinions about this particular project and horizontal tables in general as opposed to using coping sleds that hold the workpiece at variable angles. Unfortunately I do not have anything more than a plan in my head.
@Flipsaw , thanks very much for starting this thread.
Tom in my first couple of pages of uploads is a horizontal setup I made. It was invaluable in making some picture frames my wife wanted, also in those first pages. They were copies of ones we looked at in a framing store that were $25/ft. They required multiple cuts with mostly round nose bits. The horizontal setup allowed me to pass the piece under the bit which meant that the flat back of the molding (I rabbeted it later to accept the print my wife wanted mounted) stayed flat and on the table which gave me the stability I needed to make the multiple cuts. Keep in mind though that if you are feeding under the bit the feed direction is reversed. I found out the hard way.

To me the added stability is the main asset of a horizontal or vertical setup. Either way allows you to work across the face of a piece while leaving the back on the table.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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