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Here's my setup (see picture):

* Neoprene face mask with an activated carbon micro filter;

* Prescription ANSI Z87.1 rated safety glasses;

* Those squishy foam earplugs;

* Trend Airshield Pro helmet, which combines a filtered air supply, an ANSI Z87.1 rated face shield, and a hard hat.

The Airshield is important to me for a couple of reasons. First, it keeps my safety eyeglasses free of fogging, because there is a constant flow of air from the top. Second, it provides an added level of protection between my face and stuff that comes flying from the power tools.

The extra face dust mask is because the filters on the Airshield only trap the dust and particles that are big enough to see. The extra face mask gets most of the invisible stuff as well.

I got the Airshield about 18 months ago, right after being diagnosed with asthma - at age 70! I will readily admit that I was somewhat lax about dust protection and dust collection for several decades before that. But not any more!

In addition to all of that I have a ceiling-mounted air cleaner (WEN), a roll-around dust collector (Laguna), & the usual shop vacuum (Shop-Vac).

For hearing protection I would rather wear earmuffs than earplugs, but the Airshield helmet interferes with proper fit, at least on _my_ head. Trend does sell earmuffs that attach to the helmet, but I haven't talked "she who also has some input" into thinking it's a good idea.

You only have two each of eyes, ears and lungs. Protect them!

21 - 23 of 23 Posts