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Steve...I'm pretty sure the bearing is 1/2" diameter OD with 1/4" diameter ID...

Are you using a router table with the jig or mounting the jig on the table and hand routing into the template...?

I would suggest using the router table (that's what I have used with the EZ Pro) would only need the one bearing that is already on the bit, set the height and push the jig into the router bit on it's flat side (the wood is vertical) by placing the jig on the table and then approach the bit.

It might be a little uncomfortable at first not seeing the bit do its work, but it's easy to feel the progress. My first time doing it this way I wacked out 16 kitchen drawers in one evening.

Best way to end the cut is to turn the router off at the end of the cut before you move it away...the bearing will keep it away from the aluminum. It's easy to control starting the cut...

Hope this helps...
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