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I came across EZ Smart many years back after struggling cutting plywood on my little table saw and having poor success with a circular saw - even with a homemade plywood straight edge. The EZ Smart tracks and accessories have completely changed my woodworking world!! I now own several tracks and accessories, and recently bought an EZ One.

Using the tracks I always use the clamps. If using the EZ One it is recommended that you use the fence and stops that come with it to "trap" the wood. So long as the wood is butted against the fence or a stop at the back (toward the B300 bridge handle end) I think the downward force of the rail will be ok.

Note that the super straight track rail can make even the most nasty edge straight and clean for subsequent cuts. is a smallish US company based out of Ocala, Florida. In the past their instructions suffered a bit, but I think they are much improved now. Their online forum offers lots of user help if you just ask.

The base is pretty easy to install, but I suggest using a self centering punch or drill bit to accurately place the screw holes through the base holes.

Also check out their Universal Edge Guide (UEG) for fast and repeatable ripping. Once you have the base, the UEG is a nice low cost addition.

Once you've ripped plywood, you can use the EZ Smart Square to cut to length. Add a "Repeater" for repeatable lenght cross cuts (they call that Square+Repeater combo a "Cabinetmaker"). This isn't needed if you have an EZ One though - super easy.

I also have the Super Smart Routing Kit, but simply haven't used it yet. Big plans for it though - routing dados to make a clamping table and making panel cabinet doors.

Check out their videos on youtube!!

Ken K.
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