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Leigh FMT Jig

All milled aluminium construction. This is an exceptionally heavy duty jig that is used to route both the male and female portions of a mortise and tenon joint. Your plunge router is attached to a sub-base and the supplied templates are used to guide the router while you cut the joint features. The jig is able to be micro adjusted to ensure a perfect fit between your mortise and tenon. Both standard and compound angled joints are possible using the jig. The design has integrated dust collection that is compatible with 1-3/8" ShopVac hoses.

The jig comes with five templates and a matched cutter to manufacture 5/16" wide mortise & tenon joints. Different sized templates and cutters are available from online retailers such as Lee Valley Tools.

The following YouTube video explains how the jig is used:
Leigh FMT Review - YouTube

A listing of compatible routers is below:
Bosch 1611 EVS, 1613 EVS, 1619 EVS
Dewalt 621, 625
ELU 97, MOF 131, MOF 177/02, 3304, 3338
Festool OF900E, 2000
Flex OFT2926W
Hitachi M12V, TR12
Makita 3600B, 33612BR, RP 1100 Series, RP 0910
Metabo OFE728
Ryobi R-150, R-500, R-E600
Porter Cable Speedmatic, 7529, 8529, 6902, 693
Triton TRC001 (through an attachment kit from Leigh)

This jig is in "like new" condition and retails at Lee Valley for $950+tax. For sale at $700 plus shipping.

Private message me if you are interested.

Payment can be made via PayPal.

Paul Joynes


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