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What the crap is this thing I just bought? I remember reading of the "Performax" trim router a bunch of you guys like, but didn't realize it went beyond that.

This is the giant plunge model 3612BR. When I saw the picture on Craigslist I figured it was just missing a sticker, but now see that Makita's name plate is much nicer, and there's something on the other side that looks to say "RAND T/A". It's heavy as a tank and sounded pretty smooth considering it came from river territory.

Does it have any relation whatsoever to a Makita? Can't figure why anyone would go to the trouble of making exact molds and setting up machines to do what I'm guessing would be a much smaller quantity of something which couldn't be sold as a Makita or for a Makita price.



PS (a general question) - The real one and this one give a pretty high current spec. of something like 14 amps. Is its normal load draw likely to be anywhere near that? Sounds like its pushing the limit here if it runs alongside my dust collector.
This is a common thing. Companies make their products and put another mane on them or that may be their name in another country.
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