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Faster than on the CNC

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I needed to make a handful of pistol props. I could have spent time designing for the CNC, but it was easier to make a master and then do pattern routing. I rough cut the blanks on the bandsaw, drilled the trigger guards on the drill press, then flush trimmed and rounded over on the router table.

In all, 6 were done in the same time it would have taken me to get a board on the CNC. If I had to do a bunch more I would probably use the CNC to rough cut the blanks, but rounding over is still faster on the router table.

Now I have to go and start painting!

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Can't argue with your logic. While it is tempting to use the CNC because I have one (OK two) the longer I've had it the more often I check myself with "Isn't there a simpler way?" before opening up Aspire to start the process. I'm currently teaching a summer class of furniture design and I'm the master of the CNCs we have in the college shop. With every student's project I see many times when they've asked "how to" I could answer "we can cut it on the CNC". Yet I've taught the same class for the last 45ish years with most of those years being before there was a CNC to use. I can usually answer those questions with several alternatives and let them pick any of those options. As I approach retirement I'm exercising my experience and only suggesting the CNC when there is no other reasonable option in our vast fab lab. Even if the option might take a little more time.
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