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Feed direction

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I notice in another thread a discussion on feed directions for box joint cutting. I wonder if I my technique is wrong.....I feed everything from right to left while facing the fence or jig. My router table is 30 in W x 24 in D. I clamp my fences the long way.
Bob and Rick use front-to back feed but I always supposed that was for camera view.
Does it make any difference??
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If you look at Bob on the RWS show and you see his face,he is pushing the stock into the bit or to say away from him and the stock is on his left side of the fence.
If you do it backwards the stock may be pulled out of your hands and take off across the shop.
Always stay on the left side of the fence with the stock and always push the stock away from you or to say into the bit, in this way the bit will pull the stock into the fence.

I should note*** when the router is in a router table and upside down the bit is turning counter clockwise,(from the top view of the bit) or to say the left side of the bit is the 1st part that hits the stock, this pulls the stock into the fence.

Hope this helps.

Bj :)
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I do feed against the bit rotation with the work on the left side of the fence. I di it the same as bob & rick...just rotated 90 degrees ccw.
Yes i am confused. Is your "yes" the answer to my question "does it make a difference? ????
Hi tscott

Al I can say is always put the stock on the left side of the fence and push it away from you.
You can be on the front,left side,back side, right side of the router table just as long as the stock is on the left side of the fence and you push it away from you.

Hope that helps.
Bj :)
tscott, you are doing it correctly. Remember if you are free hand routing it is opposite.
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