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Felder BF 5/41 Woodworking Machine $2,000.00

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My name is Peter Metsopoulos from Lanham, Maryland. I am retiring and selling my woodworking machine that I have personally used during my time as a cabinet/furniture maker.

This Woodworking machine is in like new condition as I have respected it and cleaned it after each use. If you have use for such a machine or know of someone who is setting up shop they will indeed enjoy the many years of use that this wonderful piece of equipment that comes from Austria still has left to give to a talented cabinetmaker. The Felder is equipped to complete these five functions:


Circular Sawing

Spindle/Tilting Shaper Spindle


Jointing and Surfacing

The price for the Felder BF 5/41 and included equipment and accessories is $2,000.00. . Attached are pictures of the Felder Woodworking machine and the accessories. Clamps in the pictures not included.

The prices quoted do not include pick up or delivery. We are unfortunately working on a short time frame and would need the machine picked-up no later than 2-26-19. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Peter G Metsopoulos


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I am very interested.
What is the stroke on the slider?
And general overall footprint?
thanks for sharing
Does the slider have a perpendicular fence attachment?
This would be a heck of a deal for anyone that has the room and has a use for one of these. I looked them up and found one in Austria that is selling for 4500 Euros, used. You'll need a truck to pick it up since it weighs in at around 600 Kilos. I would have to build a shop around it.
Appears to be very well kept and maintained. I'm just guessing but is that a phase generator outside beneath the panel box? Nothing wrong with running 3 phase equipment using single phase and a phase generator for the third leg as long as it's setup properly and you allow for a short time delay for that 3rd leg to ramp up. I installed one years ago for a 3 phase 20 ton self contained H/P system for a clubhouse that didn't have access to 3 phase and simply wired in a time delay for the feed to the system. Today's phase generators may not need that but good to know otherwise. Wish I had the room, looks like a "best deal". The next problem for me would be getting it in the basement. I'd have to drive around back with the truck and with the rain/snow/sleet we've had this past year would probably sink up to the axles. Worst yet he's only about 2 hours away.....
Here is an update to the listing with some details

Listing Is For the Following:

1.Felder BF4 31 Woodworking System - Meticulously cared for and maintained by one owner in non-commercial shop.
3 Motors @ 2.2KW (2.95HP) 1PH 230V Height 33" Width 33" Gross Weight 1830 lbs

a. Table Saw - Arbor Diam 30mm, RPM 4800
b. Jointer/Planer - Width 16", Total Length of Joining Table 59", 3 Knives, RPM 5000
c. Shaper - Spindle Diam 1 1/4", RPM 3800, 6100, 7800 Max Cutter Diam 10.6", Shaper Spindle Tilt 90 - 45, Table Saw/Shaper table surface area
d. Sliding Table / Cutting Length 1420mm (55 7/8")
e. Boring Chuck / Dual-Jaw, four-point contact design with dual-rotation capacity 0-16mm (5/8")
f. Mortising Table / Single Lever Operation, All-Ball Bearing Max Boring Length 220mm, Depth 150mm, Height 120mm

2. Bridgewood Dust Collector

3. Three Phase Converter

4. Miscellaneous Accessorizes - Cutting Knives, Saw Blades etc.
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Where is the equipment located?
It is currently in my garage in Lanham, Maryland.

Peter & Delores
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Item sold.

Thanks everyone, we are moving and were in a time crunch to get the item out for closing.

Peter & Delores
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