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Fence Alignment

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Hi All. I am new to this site and look forward to learning from those who have more experience. I am a hobbyist woodworker with some challenging projects that I have built but few have required router use. I am just learning to use my Bosch 1617 and have a modest table. My biggest problem is lining the fence to make sure its parallel. I have been using a square to align it at both ends but this is time consuming and a real pain. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to better align the fence. Thanks for any assistance. :cool:
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Most of us have moved on from the days of trying to get the fence parallel. The only time this would need to be done is when you have a miter gauge in a miter slot and using the fence at the same time. In my opinion the use of a sled is a much better way to go.

For all the usual cuts the fence can be at any angle to the table... it is not like a table saw when the blade needs to be parallel to fence...... On the tables I have that are equipped with a fence I get the fence close to where I want it then clamp the one side and do the final adjustment with the other side before I lock that.

Hope this helps,

Is your fence a one or two piece design? As long as the fence surface is on the same plane it does not need to be parralel to the table. The round bit will be exposed the same amount from any angle as long as both sides of the fence line up. You can use any straight edge to align a two piece fence. If you are using a miter slot in your table with the fence you will need to measure both ends from the slot edge to the fence. If you are using the miter slot alone with a sled this is not needed.
makes sense. I knew I would get some good advise from the pros. Thanks.
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