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Fence and stops setting

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Good day

I would like to share with you my method of setting the router table fence and stops.


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That was quite an explanation. I mark my wood where the mortise is to be made and then transfer the marks to my fence. The start and stop marks on the fence do not move so they can be used for repeated cuts.
Hi Mike

You know, after reading how you make the mortises, just with two pencil lines on the fence, I was thinking that actually you are corret, it's much more simple, easy and fast.

But then, I cannot understand why people are making all those complicated mortising jigs...(that you could see also on the Australian forum).

Niki, people like to be clever and invent new ways to do things. The premise here is simple is better, why re-invent the wheel? Two marks on the fence is quick and easy for table mounted routing. ShopNotes has a plan for a simple jig which can be used as an edge guide; or by adding a second fence as a mortising guide. This simple to build jig replaces your routers sub base plate. You can view it by clicking here:
Thank you Mike

I like this simple idea.
I don't make many mortises, so this quick and easy setup is perfect.
I use the router table for doweling, I mean, exept normal routing of course.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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