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That table is very small. A chunk of wood is likely your best bet. Clamp it at the edges of the table, and chamfer the bottom front edge to give sawdust a way to escape. Clean it off after EVERY cut. If dust accumulates under the workpiece, your cuts won'tline up.

Why don't you just make your own table and fence. It's pretty easy to do and will give your workpieces a lot more support. Lots of stuff on here on how to do it, but a flat piece of ply will do it. You can put in a router plate or attach the router directly under the table. A fence can be a very straight 2x4, or you can get fancy. Here's a picture or two FYI. The table and fence in use is kind of fancy, with rounded over edges and a very simple split fence. The plate is a next step up and makes it easier to lift the router for bit changes for example. The fence drawng is if you want to make something first rate. Or find a commercial fence and build a table to fit the width and leave room for the clamps. Got some leftover wood and some MDF or very flat ply laying around? You'll be up and running in one to three hours, depending on how fancy you make it.

Support it with a couple of saw horses, or make a simple cabinet to help contain the sawdust.


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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