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I have both the OF1010 and the OF1400 (I used to have the OF2000, till it got stolen) they are very good machines and you can work one handed and the dust extraction does not restrict the depth of cut like it does on some routers.

The OF1010 is powerful for a 1/4 inch router because it is built to power cutters on 8mm collets (without teaching ducks 1/4 inch is 6.35 mm) so it is powerful.

The OF1400 is the only 1/2" router i am aware of that can be used one handed, it is light and has a 2 and 3/4 inch routing depth. It is does counter tops, but I dont do them all day every day, if I did I would replace the OF2000 that got stolen.

I am biased, the only time I dont buy festool is if they dont make it.
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