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Has anyone experience with the Festool line.

Specifically the scroll saws.
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I have only had a play with a sander and all I can say is what a brilliantly made machine. Well balanced, very little vibration coming through and low noise. If the scroll saw is anything as well made as this you couldn't go wrong.

Festool are the tools that many professionals love.
They are amongst the best of the best.
I just looked at the Festool router in a catalogue and it is almost double the price of the DeWalt 625.
It is designed to be used one handed as well leaving the other hand to put the kettle on. :D
ejant said:
Has anyone experience with the Festool line.

Specifically the scroll saws.
No experience with Festool line.
Scroll saws, I have 2 of them. A little Delta 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw, was my first one. I up graded to the Excalibur Scroll Saw model EX30.
I do a lot of scrolling and blade changing is a key factor, also threading the blade through the work piece is another inportant thing to look at.
I went ahead and bought the Festool jigsaw, the barrel model.
It came yesterday and I tested it today. All I can say is WOW. I set up a scrap piece of birch 3/4 plywood (not baltic or finnish). Drew a random curved line and it followed the line like it was glued to it even around the curves. Same thing with a straight line.
I'm glad you are impressed with the Festool ejant.
Their tools come at a premium but are very highly regarded by those tradesmen that use them.

I dont Think they are able to play the star spangled banner yet but give them time. ;) :D
Fine tools they have and the other stuff but kinda pricey for a home woodworker? Cool router bit,I like what they have and inserts!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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