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Few photos

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I recently took some photo with my Nikon D70, and these are the result. Although nothing to do with woodworking, I'm just pointing out how impressive the quality of these images are. :p

On a side note, Nikon has made an AWESOME camera and all should admire its 'awesomeness' :D


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Hey Mark,,, I am just currious,,,, is that one of them cameras that ya hold in front of your chest and look down into the view finder,,, or is it one of them ya got to toss the big black sheet over your head when ya get ready to take a picture ???

Just kiddin ya,,,, it does take awesome Picts. congradulations on your new toy. :D
Pretty nice pictures there Mark. Nice crisp details! You can even read the directions on that Trident Pack.

Directions: Chew two pieces.

Hehehe, funny! :D
:D Hey Mark you didn't tell us Mcdonald's is one of are sponsors where's the coupons. And where are the gum samples. :D Good pictures though hopefully I'll have some for yous this week. :rolleyes:
Mark, I hope Mickey Dee's is a sponsor. I would have expected a picture of a "Slurpee" cup??????? :D :D :D I guess taste's change. What mega-pixel is this camera?

the "Doctor"
Hello Mark,

What kind of Saw dust is produced from your new toy. ;) :D ROFL Great Pics sir.
Daggum but don't that make my old 1 Megapixel 'click-n-pray' seem like it needs to be replaced. Maybe one of these days.... But on the same note... I don't think a Nikon D70 Body will be on my short list for some time to come. :p
The Nikon D70 is a digital SLR, 6.1 mega pixels.

And no, McDonalds or Trident aren't affiliated with or :p too bad eh?


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