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Finding Dead Center

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Heres is a tip I came across from a link in one of the posts:

I believe this is a tip from Better Homes and Gardens - Woodworking. A user suggests:

Finding the center of a piece of stock 9" wide is easy for most of us - 4 1/2" would be the center.

What if the stock were 9 11/32" or 9 7/8" or any other odd deminsion?

Measure across the stock on an angle to the nearest, greater even dimension (in this case 10 "). Find the center at the 5" measurement.

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Hope this tip helps
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This is a good hint!

A lot of us just have used this for years and yet we don't even think of posting it as a tip. I sure a lot of people especial “beginners in woodworking” will find this a big help, but let me expand on it a little more:

Let’s say you wanted to take and divide that 9 7/8" board in to 3 equal parts...... or 4 parts??????

To do 3 parts move the ruler to the 12" line and mark at 4" and 8" to do
4 parts, again the ruler to 12" and mark at 3", 6", and 9"...... I’ll let you do the 5 parts (hint: go back to the 10” mark)

Now wasn't that fun?? Come on give it a try!

They also make rulers with a center 0 point and scales going both right and left see attachment 1. (In case your wondering if you hit your finger with a hammer it still hurts and you get this spot on your nail…..I hadn’t done that in a long time so I had to test it last summer)

They even make a tape measure with a full scale on top and a half scale on the bottom so you can find mid-way very easy. I don’t have a picture but if you want to see I’ll take one.



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