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Fine Adjustment knob not working Bosch 1617EVS

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Hello all. I am new to routing and am concerned I ruined my router before I started using it. The course adjustment knob works well but the fine adjustment knob does nothing. It turns just great... endlessly, apparently without any effect.

Like the noob I am., I initially started turning the fine adjustment knob with the router latched securely in the base. Did I strip something?

Thanks in advance for advice.

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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum..
Steve the 1st thing I would do is refer to the manual and if you don't have one, locate and download it. Try

And welcome to the forum.
There's a clip that attaches to the adjustment shaft, I believe it's at the top of the threaded part. If you over tightened this clip can slip up and the knob will turn endlessly. I've done that a couple of times before I learned. If that's the problem, you can push the clip back to where it belongs.

Sorry this is kind of a vague description. Due to back surgery earlier this year I haven't been in the shop for a while. If you need a better description of what I'm talking about please let me know and I can have my wife help me and I can try to take a picture.

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check and see if the C clip indicated by the arrow is there.

I believe that is what Berry is referring to. ( and yes I have been there, done that several times.) You might want to get several clips to have on hand. They can be a pain to find at times.
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