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First off, your stock needs to be the same thickness in order to make things easy. It will also take a few setup cuts in scrap wood to get things right.

Chuck the bit in your router table and isolate the bearing (if your style has one) in the fence. Set up the bit so it is roughly centered on your stock, meaning the fingers are balanced on the piece. You don't want a tiny sliver of a finger on one side. Put an 'x' on the two pieces to be joined on the 'good' side. Run the first piece with the x down on the table. Run the second piece with the x up. Test fit the joint. If it is flush and perfect, stop what you're doing and go play the lottery! More than likely, it will have some offset. Adjust the router bit height 1/2 of the offset and try again. Repeat until perfect.

Run a short piece of scrap and SAVE THIS SETUP BLOCK. This will get you going quickly next time.

Finger joint bits should never be used in a hand held operation.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, thanks for the replies, kp91, I will try your method, it will be in the router table of course, being a novice on the Router I tend to take things slowly. jerrymayfield, its for finger joints.
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