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Finishing Huon Pine and Blackwood

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hi I’ve just joined and saw some notes on Huon Pine - whilst recently there in Huon Country I purchased some timber and shippeD it home. I’m in the process of making a chess board for my son with Huon Pine and Blackwood from same area - Gordon - Franklin river ( recommend it) question is can I use an oil / wax based finish on both Timbers? Given that the Blackwood is harder than the Huon pine?
Amateur carpenter!
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G'day and welcome to the forum, @PhilR31 .

You might gete a better response if you post your query in the Fininshing section of the forum. (also check in the Australian Woodwork Forum)

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum, Amateur carpenter. Like you, I am also an amateur.
I have made a pair of chessboards and other 3D board projects using pine and hardwoods. I have had no problems with the mineral oil application. Just some additional coatings of mineral oil to get an even shine.
First time to hear about Huon pine.
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