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Foam brushes cannot be controlled adequately. Impossible. You need an artist's quality brush for fine work. Quarter inch is a little large. You didn't mention what kind of paint, but bleeding gets worse the thinner the paint. Sealing first can help a lot with bleeding. If filling in a large, recessed area, you're probably going to go off the line here and there. Sand the top lightly to remove the little irregularities before you put on the next layer.

This may not be the solution, but you can order a long bristle lettering brush which gives you a really nice edge

Another option to consider is something called Friskit, which is something like rubber cement. Paint it over areas you want to protect, paint up to the line and if you go over, when you use an eraser to remove the friskit, the oopsies come off as well.

Pix of brushes: Try the smaller ones for best control on lettering. Shorter bristles probably better for filling in recessed background. Forget foam brushes. Long bristles hold more paint so you don't have to load it as often so your line will be continuous. Sometimes these are called pinstriping brushes.

My wife is an artist, so If I had something tricky to paint, she'd be my painter in chief. You're lucky to have such a great wife. I feel the same way about my Jean.

Here's a video on brushes, which is actually a fairly complex topic. Use the wrong brush, and you get a mess.


1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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