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First router and table - setup questions

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Hi all! I recently purchased my first router and table $350 used off local CL. It's a Porter Cable 690 mounted in a Rockler branded JessEm "Rout-R-Lift" model 2001 which sits on a Rockler High Pressure Laminate table top. This all sites on one of those older Black and Decker Workmate folding work table. Came with a speed controller too. Seems like a nice setup.

One question I have is why is the router mounted in the 6931 plunge base? Should I swap that out for a fixed base? The package came with two 1001 bases - one of them with the black dial and the other one without (?). I am thinking to swap bases because it doesn't make sense to have the router mounted in the lift on a plunge base. Plus if I swap bases then I'll have the plunge base for work outside the table. Am I missing something here?

I have not used the router yet however I did clean up all the sawdust and turn it on to make sure it worked (no bit in it). I have a starter bit set from MLCS coming in the mail today so I will have a chance to try it out later today if the weather cooperates. I want to do this outside looks pretty messy and I don't want to upset the wife with sawdust all over her car and garage.

Thanks in advance and look forward to more advice and tips on this journey!
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@denniswoody I'll see if I can mount it with just the motor. It's an older JessEm lift. Worth looking into though...
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