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first router purchase

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Discovered this forum in process of researching first router purchase (general and occasional use)...and have narrowed choice to Porter Cable 694VK or Hitachi KM12VC. Both are about same price today at Lowes. Any feedback would be welcomed.
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Hi dwilmes

Both are about the same,,,, :)
But I do like the Porter Cable equipment over the Hitachi equipment.
You can get parts or add on items at just about any Ace hardware outlet or Home Depot or Lowes and the P.C. Service Center is just a click away on the Net or in your town, just in case you need parts or add on items that outlets don't have on hand..

Most P.C. routers come in a nice plastic case that you can store them in or take the tool to the job site (place to place) quick and easy.

The RWS is now using the PC equipment and at one time they did use the Hitachi.
The new battery power P.C. are neat but not cheap and I don't think Hitachi has one out and like most wood workers you will like to have one also and it's nice to keep your equipment in the same brand name ,many of the same add ons will fit other PC routers.

Just my 2 cents :)

Bj :)
Thanks, I looked at them today and also liked the feel of the PC more than the Hitachi...Is there a significant power difference in that Hitachi is rated at 2.25 HP and the PC rated at 1.75 HP?
Hi dwilmes

No not to much, the only time you will see a big difference is when you get in to the 3 HP and up models...

Bj :)
Welcome Dwilmes. Both of these routers are good quality units. The most important consideration is which feels best in your hands, you are the one who will be using it! Be sure to try making adjustments upside down on both units since this is how they will be table mounted.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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