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The Bosch edge guide works fine as a circle jig. Cut from the underside, and I'd make one more pass.. Later on, you can do an edge treatment to remove any chip out on the good side. A roundover edge is OK on ply, unless you plan on some sort of banding on the edge.

By cutting from the back side, you can use a short screw and not penetrate through to the good side. I keep a sheet of foam insulation around to cut on. It holds things steady and is sacrificial and pretty cheap

I had a sheet of 3/4 ply from hd that had a layer of bamboo, which splintered so badly it was useless. They have some OK ply, but it's not cheap. I suggest you consider finding a source of Baltic Birch ply, which has many layers and no gaps that appear if you happen to cut into one. I've found that a 5x5 Baltic birch sheet isn't a whole lot more expensive than the best ply, and at 60x60, by reducing the size to 14 3/4, you can get get all eight out of one sheet.

The edge will look great as well, especially after you finish it. I love the look of Baltic Birch edges.. Compare the edges between BBply and most regular ply, showing voids. Since you already have some ply, try a sample and if you encounter voids, you can fill them, or switch to Baltic Birch.
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