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First Timer

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Hi Guys,

Just recently purchased my first router and am very excited at all the possibilities. I've been searching for some books on how to get the most out of my router as well as other comprehensive info regarding bits, techniques, joints, jigs.... etc. I've narrowed the list down to the below titles and wanted to get some opinions if you guys have had any experience with these books. Out of the ones listed below I want to buy two of them for now just to start with. Your comments/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

1. Popular Mechanics Router Fundamentals the Complete Guide by Rick Peters
2. Router Magic by Hylton
3. Woodworking with the Router by Hylton and Matlack
4. The New Router Handbook by Speilman
5. Routing for Beginners by Baily

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Welcome Ryan. You wont find those titles at the Oak Park site. Bob has been teaching for years, and Rick is following in his footsteps. Everyone has their own method for seeing a project through. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.
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