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loose router

chach said:
thanks for all the replies. i have a SKIL 1 3/4 H.P ROUTER mounted to a VERMONT AMERICA router table. 2 problems, cant seem to keep the router from loosening off the table, and is the router bit supose to have slight play in it. the bit moves side to side with about 1/16 inch of play. thanks . chach
Hi: from the info you gave, the router bit should have no side to side play.
When mounting the bit, the bit should not go all the way to the bottom of the collet, pull it up about 1/16" and tighten it up. You don't indicate how the router is mounted into the table. Is it held in by screwing the router
in from the table top? Or is the router clamped into the bottom of the table? I would suggest that you check the router bit when you mount it inthe router to see if the bit is loose or the collet moves sideways due to worn bearings. I would not run it with the play you indicate, it may not be safe. Hope this helps.. Welcome to the Forum Woodnut65
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