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Flag Display and Certificate Holder

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Here's a flag display for a retiring US Navy Sailor.
The flag was flown over the USS CONSTITUTION.
The accompanying certificate verifies the flag's authenticity.

Made from re-purposed Beech flooring.
Router, Radial Arm Saw, Kreg fasterners.
Sealed with 2 pound shellac and polished on the Beall system.


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Very nice, I will be doing something like that for my Son who has graduated Naval nuclear school. I like the triangle over the square idea
Very nice, Peter, thanks for sharing.

These flag displays seem to be very popular in the US.

Jerry (Xplorx4) had a great presentation on how his was made. Do you have any pictures during construction?
Very well done on the display work ................;)
Nicely done Pete! It's also good to see something so nice constructed from recycled floor boards. I have taken to making several of my jigs with hickory flooring. It's a bear to work with the stuff, but tuff as nails when you get it shaped the way you want it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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