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Flag Display Case

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A little while back, my son-in-laws grandfather passed. Just a real nice guy from all accounts. I had meet the fellow a few times and shared a couple of friendly conversations with him during the holidays and the like, but that was the extent of my getting to know him.
From the pictures that were on display at the wake, it was clear that he and his family took a great deal of pride in his military service in the Marine Corps. Some how or another, the subject of the burial flag came up. One of his daughters pulled me to the side and said she had heard that I do some wood working and would I be interested in doing a display case for the flag.
I told her I'd be happy to :)


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Since my grandson was just a lil fellow, I've had him in the shop. Most of the time doing what lil kids do best... :)
The last few years though, slowly been kinda showing him the ropes so to speak. We have completed quite a few projects together. When doing something like this flag display case, I like to get everything ready to go, do a dry fit and then take everything apart. Then Luke (grandson) comes and we put it together for a final fit and finish. On this one, he helped with the staining, getting the medals and medal frames in place, putting in the lexan and the back. It seems to give a great feeling of accomplishment and it just makes me smile!

btw: I bought that little black and decker driver for Luke, Its beginning to look like I might have to buy him another one. The darn thing is proving itself to be very, very handy...


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Yes sir that is nice. You do some good work. NOW, how did you cut out for the round inlay? Liking what I can see of your shop, got any pics of it posted. Thanks for sharing, I really like to see the build when people make things.
Thank you sir.... I made room for the round medals with a 2 1/2" forster bit. The big bit came in handy for this project. Usually just use it for clock inserts. I would have documented the build had I known it was going to turn out as it far as the shop goes, its little more than a basement shop. fairly well equiped with alot of middle of the road kinda tools and a few top shelfers. size wise its somewhere around 20'x 30'..give or take. takes up about a quarter of my basement.
Real nice Bill ,always said I was going build some of these just to give away.
Where did you find the medallions?
Thanks John... this one is a giveaway...:) I'm hoping they like it...they are actually quite easy to build and the more basic you make em, the easier and quicker they are. The Medallions were gotten at:

Service Medallions

the medallions are of excellent quality and moulding. Clear, crisp lines. about 2 1/2" in diameter. nice and heavy also. For what you get, the pricing is more than fair IMHO..
Very impressive Bill. Thanks for showing.
Thank you Ross!!
That is superb, Bill.

There have been some great flag cases shown on the forum.
Thank you for the kind words James...

There has been many great cases presented in here. I took a good hard look at Jerry's (Xplorer) cases and like what I saw, so I just kinda threw my own little twist on em.
Outstanding, Bill!

Thank you sir!!
Very impressive to say the least Bill . That is sure a nice gesture on your part
Thank you for the kind words Rick..

.Every now and then you get a chance to do something like when I do, and when I can.. I jump at the opportunity..
A tip of the hat to all of you and your kind comments regarding the display case. I'm especially flattered by those of you with a military background who have commented or sent emails.
I'll be honest and say that I had no idea just how important something like this is to those who have served. It certainly has opened my eyes. For that, I thank you once again..


just as a side note: We'll be getting the flag any day soon now and complete the case. Once completed. I'm going to let Luke (grandson) present the case to his two great aunts and great uncle as a family....
Very nice Bill! I made one for my fathers flag and his patches, and some pics when he was in WWII. Also big fan of the B&D Drivers. Have one in shop and one in the house. Very handy!!

Thank you Lee....This was one of those "Just kind of a nice thing to do" projects which added a completely different feel to it...

Yep.. the B&D driver is a keeper...I think I spent less than 20 bucks on the thing..
To just kind of put a bow on this project. Luke (my grandson) presented the display case earlier this week and it was a huge success. The case was received with alot of tears and hugs and all of those things you would kinda hope for.
Luke proudly explained what all went into the build and what his did to help. Pointing out this that and the other thing as he went over the entire build :) Smiling proudly the entire time.
I do believe that we may have signed up another lifetime woodworker :):)
Thank you for the very kind words Barb :)
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