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I found this forum looking for a manual for a Ryobi R163 that I just bought used. I found a PDF of the Ryobi manual right away, it downloaded easily, and was just what I needed. So I like you guys already!

Looking around in the forums, it's obvious there is a lot of knowledge and experience available here, and I intend to take advantage of it! Poking around, I get the feeling that the Ryobi R163 is regarded as a good old router, which I'm glad to hear, as I chose it based on it being available at the pawn shop, along with 2 used Craftsman models. I had a Craftsman 315.175100 for years, but hadn't used it much. Yesterday, I was setting it up to shape the edges of some oak drawer faces, and after going about 2" along a practice pine board, it just up and died on me. I fiddled with it quite a bit, even removed the switch and metered it out, shook it, beat it, no joy. I never really like the router much anyway, as it was always always hell to adjust the cut depth. It looks like you guys are familiar with that situation also. So I think I'm ready to chuck that POS in the trash. Please let me know if any of you think there's a reason to work on it further.

BY the way, my forum name is not bragging. It's kind of a nod to Tim the Tool Man Taylor. Al Borland I'm not!

I'm looking forward to working with the R163, and learning lots of methods and tricks from you guys. Thanks for the users manual!

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Tom - I (we) know exactly what you mean. many of us here are military veterans in one form or another. (I myself am a 21 year USN Vet).
welcome to the ROUTER forums

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Hi @Tom the Tool Man , welcome to the forum.

I am Aussie, and do not know what that (FNG) means.

Glad we were able to help you...
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