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Foam Carving Test

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I had the wrong bit but I tried anyway. I figure I can either hit it with a heat gun to smooth it out, OR maybe spray it with a light mist of Acetone, or MEK ??? Or I could put some Acetone on a cloth and rub the surface to smooth out the foam. This one was just a TEST carve. I will figure out the best bit and cut speed, etc. and then make the real tombstones, that will be sprayed with the stone surface paint to add some realism.


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800 inches per minute!
You could probably set it to 1000 ipm and it would cut the same because it never reaches 800 ipm or likely even 200 ipm given the 3D nature of the carving. But it is fun to set it as high as possible! ;)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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