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Hi, all.

My father died in 2017, and he was a wood worker. Granted, his "real job" was a maintenance mechanic, but he loved building things. Unfortunately, given the choice of either watching him or going out to play, I chose to go out and play.

Now, I have decided to take up wood working. My goal is to make a flag display (I have his casket flag), and then make flag displays for other veterans - who have done so much for this country, in my opinion.

Anyway, I am hoping to learn from all of you and then be able to pass my knowledge onto newbies, as they come on board.

Thanks, for letting me into this group. I look forward to meeting and working with and learning from y'all.

Best regards,

Welcome aboard Dana. While this is on my to do list and I have the very special piece of walnut to do this with, from Monticello...the place Thomas Jefferson used to live in, that's a bit wormy and a great color/grain, I've yet to do so as it's the last piece I have. But I have collected some information on making it and must have the same instruction. Here's a link to a video and instructions on building your case if you want one just for the flag as I do. There is also content on WWGOA that covers the same topics and detail.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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