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Following orders...

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Which stated to create an introduction post. So this is it.

After having trouble finding a part number to a specific Makita router part, I started doing image searches of the Makita router model number, and simply appended the search terms with +forums, in order to weed out many (but one can never eliminate all) of the advertised and sponsored search results.

One of the images in the image search results (posted by honored RouterForums member @harrysin) led me to join the router forums so that I could reach out to harrysin and ask him a question about his photo.

Of course, in accordance with the forum rules, I'll have to make 10 posts first... before I can send harrysin a private message. Well, make that now 9. But given my inexperience with routers, I'm going to have a hard time coming up with something to worthwhile to say, or even ask, on the forums, so it might take a while.

Anyways, that's how I ended up here.
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@RTR - welcome to the forum. A good place to start would be to complete your profile and include a first name, location (at least country). You can also welcome new members by saying hi and respond to other posts to build up your post numbers.

Anyway, Harry is on here regularly and unless your question is personal, you could just ask through the forum and I'm sure he'll respond.
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Welcome to the forum! And like Vince said, add your name to your profile so it clears the N/a in the side panel and so we'll know what to call you. Adding your location helps us to help you.

You can show us photos of your shop, tools, projects, ideas, etc. and get to 10 posts pretty quickly. Jump in on some discussions, too.

RTR, You can add comments to any post to achieve the other nine required.

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum and yes, there are many including, Harry, very well versed on many routers. Just ask your questions and sit back. Posting pictures is easy as well by dragging them just below in the space indicated below the message area.
Hi RTR and welcome. We all prefer a name when we have a conversation so as stated already amend your profile when you have a chance. I'll alert Harry that you would like help and he may give you his personal email but it is easy to get to 10 posts. Herb Stoops has 2 posts going on his home made planes that you could join in on for example. You could be at 10 posts by the end of the day without trying too hard.
Thanks for the welcome everyone.

As requested, I filled out the name field, but certainly don't object to being referenced by my user name "RTR".

I'll admit that I make that offer somewhat selfishly, because when I read a post on a forum, I tend to remember the author of the post by their USER NAME, not their real name, as their user name is in big bright bold blue print (in the case of this forum, and many other forums owned by Vertical Scope), so that is what catches my eye and what I remember first.

To have to read the fine print and also remember the author's real name, and then remember which real name to associate with which user name... overloads my ram. Under the "do unto others as one would have done unto you" rule, I say, call me by my user name. So much easier!
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Hey RTR - you're up to 2 posts already, great. You'll be up to 10 in no time! And if you had responded to each of us individually, you'd be up to 7 - easy, peasy.

And we don't mind calling you RTR, it's better than N/A:grin:
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I also put my router equipment list in my profile, rather than create a signature. Along similar lines of "do unto others as one would have done unto you", I prefer not to force readers to have to skim over signatures time and time again when scrolling through a thread.

To save a click for anyone interested, I have a Bosch 1613EVS router, which hasn't seen much use during the well over 20+ years I've owned it.

And recently, I just bought a little Makita laminate trimmer kit, much the same as @harrysin has posted about here on the forum. Only the kit that I have didn't come with a couple of accessories that I noticed in photos of the kit that he has. So that is what I had hoped to discuss with him. Nothing that needs privacy.
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Hi Herbert, glad you chose to join the fun. Harry really helped me get up and running on woodworking--I've done DIY all my life, but woodworking is a different thing altogether. He also turned me on to Triton's TRA001, which is what sits in my table.
Harry's in Perth, Australia so he's a few hours out of sync with those of us in North American but I sent him a pm and I'm sure he'll be along soon.
Hey, Herbert; welcome!
Certainly not a big deal, but knowing approximately where in the US you are helps other members make appropriate suggestions as to where you can find stuff locally (to you).
For example, there are several members here who post regularly and are located on the Texas Gulf coast.
Welcome to the forum, you have a good first name, I like it. You will like it here, you can post pictures now if they are on your hadrdrive, just go to reply,Advanced, Manage Attachments,browse to folder, Open, and Upload, then Submit.
I have one of those Makitas and they are a fine little router, I keep it under the bench with a 1/4 round bit in it for grabbing and rounding over the edges as I go along.

Welcome to the forum Herbert.
Thank you Charles for the PM, it's 11.44 AM here and I wouldn't normally have looked in on the forum 'till about 10.00 PM this evening.

Herbert, welcome to the forum, now that you're here don't be a stranger, we are generally a happy helpful collection of guys and girls, yes we have some clever girls here.

The Makita router that you refer to is I presume the RTO700. I bought mine from America as the RTO700CX3 kit because the full kit wasn't available here in Australia. I assumed that it had 3 bases but it actually has 4, fixed, plunge, tilt and offset. I'm not sure if Makita still have the full kit but in any case I'm not sure that all four bases are really necessary. If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask, the worst I can reply is that "I don't know!"


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For anyone wondering how I use a 110volt router on our 240 volts, this is the answer.


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you can post pictures now if they are on your hadrdrive, just go to reply,Advanced, Manage Attachments,browse to folder, Open, and Upload, then Submit.
Oh good! Thank you!

I already got in trouble here (Gee that didn't take long did it?) by using img links in a post, pointing to images that are already hosted in the public domain online.

I hit send, and my screen suddenly went black, smoke started pouring out of my computer, and then an ominous message from Router Forums appeared, saying...

"Thy post hath been submitteth, yet will not appeareth, until first being subject to revieweth by the moderators."

Ok, those may not have been the exact words of the message, but it sounded very god like, and I was worried. How could I possibly get in trouble so quickly? My first post outside of this introduction thread and already here come the sirens.

I think what made it worse was not knowing. Which rule did I violate? Making jokes? Check. Posting photos? Check. Not personally taking the photos I posted? Check. Being a smart aleck? Check. At this point, I'm going to jail without bail. Banned probably, for life.

But I couldn't resist... a fellow had made a post looking for the best wireless router, and I had just bought one. I spent a fair amount of research debating on the various brands before I bought mine too, so I felt confident that the one I chose really was the best, and I wanted to post about it. Only the fellow who asked the question apparently hadn't read one single word already posted on this forum prior to asking.

I'm not even sure if he looked at the banner photos. In fact, when you think about all the steps required to join this forum... from picking a user name no one else has used before, to picking a password meeting 5 different conditions, that I'm not likely to remember again... to picking out cars from a matrix of picture captchas to prove you're not C3PO... that's a lot of screen time to complete all of those activities in order to join this forum. Which means, that is a lot of time staring at a big banner that shows a woodworking router with an edge guide working some 2x, and a descriptive heading in all caps that says "ROUTER AND WOODWORKING DISCUSSION COMMUNITY".

Hard to miss, but it apparently still can be missed, as the poster was asking about wireless internet routers, not woodworking routers.

And that's where I stepped in. Because while I may not know much about either type of router, my sophomoric assessment still enabled me to see that wireless internet routers are not truly wireless, as they require, at minimum, two cords to be connected at all times... power and signal. On the other hand, my spiffy new Makita LXT 18V trim router can function completely wirelessly... no cords connected whatsoever.

So I gleefully pointed this out. By linking photos conveniently found online. And got the smack down. Sorry 'bout that.

I'll upload photos from my hard drive.
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@RTR - sounds like you're going to fit right in here - that's a pretty long post just to say "sorry" (I'm Canadian, we say that all the time)
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