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For Brich

Just added some more snapshots for Birch :)
The stock in the jig is 3/4" wide MDF ..

Manual. I got a copy on the way Brich from a nice guy on Ebay

"It turns out I have to open the box to add another
Item. If you want a copy of the manual I will copy
it and mail it off to you for $5. to cover postage,copy and envelop cost.
Let me know today or it will be gone. My e mail is "

- woodworkerplus

The only thing bad about this jig is/was the clamping system,,but I took care of that error,, I drilled holes in the clamp bolt threaded rods and put in some cotter pins so the clamp would not fall off and made a new push block out some MDF stock, now when I back off the clamp it comes back and the push block now puts presser on the stock in the right place.. :) without caming out one way or the other ..

By the way the brass guide I asked about didn't need because I had a 1 1/2" O.D. brass guide that worked out just right for this jig..
The one that comes with the jig is a funky steel one with two holes in it to hold it in place , so it worked for the best in the long run. :)

Hi all,

Last Thursday, I was also given one of these Craftsman M & T jigs. The price is right -- free. It is missing the guide however.

Bob, you mentioned using a 1 1/2" O.D. brass guide. I have some brass guides for my Porter Cable router, but not that large. It seems like the brass guide you show in one of the pictures is smaller than 1 1/2" so I thought I'd double check. Can something other than 1 1/2" be used?

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