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Hi Brich

Here's some snapshots of the M & T jig, it works great :)
It will put on the Tetons as well but I do like the floating type ,it will also put in the 30 deg. type.........

Thanks again



I suppose a great number of routing enthusiast would be put off by the cost of purchasing the Jig you have presented. I am in the middle of converting my CD-rom material to DVD on the very subject. The jig has been produced in the workshop with material alreadily available for use at very little cost. I have enclosed my Mortice and tenon Jig so that others can see there is no need to purchase expensive equipment. Like you I do use the 'Loose' tenon 'Floating ' tenon as I am able to produce them quicker with the use of the jig. The shoulders are always 'Square' as they are cut on the 'Drop-saw'.

I will be conducting a 'Profession Development Course' on Wednesday to some of our local teachers from the various colleges here in Perth simple to illustrate that there is no need to purchase expensive jigs when they can be produced in their own workshop, and the students will be able to produce the joint with greater safety awareness.

Router users have to 'Think outside the square' when it comes to producing a number of projects and hopefully I will be able to at least convert a small number of educators to my way of using the router.

Over the years we have been told that 90% of all routing processes is best achieved in the router table. I have a number of projects that would be impossible to be produced in the table mode. There are many postings on not just this forum where it is stressed that the router should be placed in the router table, and that is where it stays. I do believe that if it is left there you are missing out on 80% of the router's potential, (Of course that is my opinion) and I do have a number of projects to back up what I say.

Here is my simple answer to producing a mortice and tenon joint though I am sure it must have been posted at an earlier stage. All I say is make your own jigs in your workshop and save yourself a great deal of expense
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