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For Christmas

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New release from my Penola Toy Factory for Christmas 2018.


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Very nice work
Wow you’ve been busy John . There’s going to be some lucky recipients ;)
Excellent! I love that wine serving tray, and the coaster retainer idea is slick.
That might work for other stackable items like playing cards, poker chips. pocket books, etc.

Glad to see you're staying busy!!
All are very nice. The coaster should read, "The drinks are in me."
Someone's been busy at the Penola Toy Factory. John, that first piece looks like it would take a long time to glue up.
Very nice, John! That's a good day's work, right there. :wink:

Haha! It would take me two month to do all of that.

Dry well executed. Assume the carvings were on a CNC
Beautiful work John. "Factory " is well named. Would take me a year to do all that!
Fantastic stuff, John. I want to borrow (steal) a lot of your ideas. Thanks.
Dry well executed. Assume the carvings were on a CNC
Actually, it was done with the laser. Same thing, different tool head.
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