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Tom here is how I set up my Mule fence. Normally there is an angle iron that is bolted to the back of the saw for the fence to ride on but the distance from the blade to the rear of the table is pretty short on this saw (an old Rockwell, probably very similar to yours). Having already built an outfeed fence for my Unisaw I knew I needed one on this saw too but where I had to locate it in my shop the outfeed table couldn't be too long so I only added an extra 6-8". Even this little bit helped. If this is your primary saw longer would be better.

As you can see from one of the photos, the piece of UHMW plastic that holds the fence up can be moved anywhere on the fence you want it, as can hold downs, stops, or any other device you might want to attach to the fence. It has t track slots on all sides facilitating that. The one drawback to what I did is that the UHMW slider gets hooked up in the miter slot when you move it unless you remember to lift it up as you slide. This is a bit of a PITA but it isn't as much of a PITA as the short distance behind the blade is in my opinion. Your opinion may vary.

The outfeed table is held up by legs which go down and bolt to the saw's legs and another angle iron which runs under the outfeed and is bolted to the saw. I repurposed some shelf standards for mine. On the left side of the saw is a sliding table that Mule offered for a while. Not a great addition but not a bad one either. I don't think it's still available.


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