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For Sale- Leigh Dovetail Jig, etc.

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I recently had a friend pass away who, like me, is an avid woodworker. Unlike me, however, he was very much in to routing. Right after he purchased the dove tail jigs he became sick and never became able to use the jig. bits, etc. If anyone has an interest I'll post some pictures.

I bought a ton of equipment from his wife, but this jig is over my experience level, and I really do not have an interest in learning.

The jig is the Leigh Super 12. I also have the vacuum attachment and a set of 11 Leigh Dovetail bits in a wood case. The bits were still in the little tubes and have never been used. The best I can tell, purchasing all of these on Amazon would be around $550. I would sell for $375 plus shipping ($25). Again, if anyone is interested I'll take some pictures and upload- Everything is mint condition.

I also bought a Bosch 1617 EVS 2 1/4hp router plus RA1181 Router Table from Amazon. Paid $375 but both are slightly used. I would sell for $250 as a package.

I have no idea if these are good prices, bad prices, etc. but I have too many "toys" in the garage per the wife so I thought I might sell some items. I live in Evansville, Indiana.

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I’m sorry to hear about your friend Darren. He had good taste in equipment. Leigh’s jigs arr top of the line.
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I think overall that your prices are high, pretty close to retail. No offense, you asked.
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I think overall that your prices are high, pretty close to retail. No offense, you asked.
Thanks. I don’t really know how to price. I bought another router table that he had that had a fancy lift on it that amazon sells for $350. That’s why I know have two tables. If anyone has a need or desire st a lower price I will be happy to upload pics.
Welcome to the forum, Darren! You'll probably get a better response if you go ahead and upload the photos.


I'm interested in the jig & sent you a private message.

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