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I am planning to get a set of forstner bits and wondering if the titanium coating is worth the extra money. Does anyone have experience with both the coated and plain HSS?
I am finding the set below to be very tempting.

Thanks, Rusty

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Hi Rusty

I have two sets and they have server me well, (Grizzly H5677) I have just opened the 2nd set because I got the 1/2" and the 5/8" ,7/8" bits to hot in the 1st set.
Pushing to hard and to fast in oak.. :) I guess :) .
I also have the big set from 2 1/4" to 3 1/8 " and it's also a great set,it's coated but no big deal on the coating for me. :)
They do make better sets BUT for the price it's hard to beat the Grizzly set
. :)
You will see the same set all over the Net eBay,NH,HF,WC, and I think they are all made by one company...just the box maybe diff. with one latch or maybe two on the box.

I did have a titanium coated set and still do somewhere in the shop but I didn't see a big.diff. with the coated ones over the plain HSS.

Just my 2 cents on Forstner Bits

Just a Note **** I use the sets I have to make wooden knobs, for jigs for the most part, block of hardwood and drill 5 holes. 7/8" dia. and cut it out with a hole saw and insert a tee nut and I have the right size knob I need.
Plastic ones are not cheap now days and I can make 10 at one time and stock up on the blanks knobs.
If you want to see how to make the knobs just ask and I will post a snapshot or two...

Bj :)
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