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Found a local supplier for wood

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As a lot of you know I'm new to CNC & woodworking, our sign shop has used Aluminum & PVC exclusively for over 20 years so I haven't needed to look for wood suppliers. I started out going to the local family owned lumber yard / hardware store but as you would guess while the wood is high quality it is high priced. I have a friend the own a sawmill & can cut me pretty much and wood I want but it's not dry. He gave me a lead on a local guy that bought an old saw mill and opened it back up 12-15 years ago.

A couple weeks ago I purchased some Maple and some Black Walnut that had some bad spots (sticker rot) about every 36"-40" then this week I told him I was looking for something cool maybe some Curly Maple or something like that. Well he called Monday and said I should come down he had some boards ready.

I went down & took my boards from the first trip & he ran them through his big surfacer (I cannot remember the name on it but it's from the early 50's & it will take bows & twists out of boards) turned out the sticker rot came out & I now have some gorgeous Black Walnut. & he ran it through his straight line cutter. So basically its surfaced 3 sides The guy joked he wants them back.

He is very reasonable
Maple - $2.85/bf
Black Walnut with supposed Sticker rot $2/bf
Curly Maple $3.50/bf
Curly Oak $3.50 bf Wood Wall Floor Plywood Hardwood

Metal Machine Steel
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The plainer he has is a Straight-o-Plainer & they are incredible I guess now they cost between 60k -70k. He measures the cup in the board sets the bottom head to that amount. Then the top to your desired thickness and runs it through. The straight-o-plainer has spring loaded fingers that hold the board down but doesnt flatten it, while the bottom head cuts the wood then it goes through the top head that cuts it down to the thickness you set
Yes all kiln dried
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Those are really nice prices. So what's local to you? (where are you located?)
I'm in Clarion County (Shippenville, Pa) my wood guy is in Clarion County (Rimersburg, Pa) the prices I gave are minus 3 side surfacing. He charged me $35 extra to to all the boards from both orders
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