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Foxshop mini moulder/planer

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I recently purchased a Shopfox mini planer/moulder. I purchased it because I wanted a moulder that allowed quick knife change overs. unfortunately, the feed speed is about 15FPM which is too fast to cut a 3.5" profile in a single pass. I found that the feed was so fast that oak was literally chipping off in large pieces. Incidently, I did ask if a reduction kit was available before purchasing. Furthermore, the gear box leaked oil on the table. I had to remove the gearbox and tighten the loose screws from the inside to stop the leaking. While the gearbox was apart I decide to shop for some gears to slow the feed rate down. I was able to switch the 16/15 combination to a 13/18 which lowered the feed rate to somewhere in the 9-10 FPM range. My point is that why would anyone pay 900 for a 8inch planer when the are several portable 12 models to choose from for half the price. Furthermore, the dust collection chute is only fair. Hope this helps. Bob
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Sounds like you had your problems that's to bad. The plus side is you fixed it and you have a molder combo planer. I only have a planer for half that price wish I had a molder to go with it. I hope everything is working well with it now.
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