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I found a book at the library on Arts and Craft projects. I really liked David Thiel's version of the Wright lamp that was designed by Wright for his Fallingwater house in Pennsylvania. I decided to follow his plan with a few minor modifications. The original lamp had a granite base. David changed it to gloss black painted pine and I moved it on to clear maple with shellac finish. Stayed with the walnut shade. I also changed the lamp post and shade to make the lamp taller and narrower.

A fun project and pretty quick to do. I was able to resaw my walnut scrap down to the 3/16" thickness on my bandsaw then clean it up with a hand plane. The 45 degree lamp shade mitre turned out perfect right off of the table saw. His trick of taping the outside of the lamp shade joint with painter tape really pulled it together during the glue up. Held the base components together during the glue up using the lamp hardware. If you want to take on this project, David Thiel's instructions are excellent. I learned a lot. Finished with two coats of blonde shellac followed by steel wool and wax.


1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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